The latest version of the Continuous Test Tool (CTT)

The latest version of the Continuous Test Tool (CTT)

The PCHAlliance Organization (Personal Connected Health Alliance) has published a new version ( of its Continua Test Tool (CTT) tool.

The CTT allows any provider to demonstrate, through specially designed tests, that their products comply with the PCHAlliance guidelines, thus ensuring secure data exchange for their clients. The PCHAlliance’s guidelines promote interoperability between devices, services and health systems, based on current international reference standards such as HL7 and DICOM.

Until the second quarter of 2018 the CTT tool was only accessible to members of the PCHAlliance. However, they subsequently decided to open it up and allow any manufacturer to download it in as a means of validating their devices.

In the latest version of the CTT, in addition to improving some of the tests on offer, there are new tests for three new personal health devices: a low-power Bluetooth pulse oximeter; a continuous low-power Bluetooth glucose meter; and a power status monitor ISO/IEEE 11073-10427.

The CTT currently supports the integration of personal health data from 26 protocols from more than 40 types of sensors. These potentially represent hundreds of different devices and services which can be used for telemedicine and the telemonitoring of chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart failure, hypertension and COPD, as well as measuring people’s general health and physical well-being.

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