About the foundation

We are a body of the Generalitat de Catalunya that works to promote the digital transformation of healthcare services through ICT.

We encourage networking in the areas of health and social welfare.

We are an observatory of new trends, innovation and emerging initiatives.

We offer product standardization and certification services.

  • Mission

    To enable the transformation of care services model through technology

  • Vision

    To become leaders on innovation and technology as a transformation tool for health and social care services

  • Values

    • Sharing
    • Transparency
    • Collaboration
    • Sustainability
    • Innovation
    • Equity

The implementation of ICT in our sector is already unstoppable and is seen as one of the most transformative and integrating elements of the health and social welfare of the future. The fact that health in Catalonia includes 100% of the population within a framework of universal and public coverage, together with the involvement of a great diversity of agents, supplier organizations and subsidiary industries – puts the health and healthcare sectors social welfare in an excellent situation to act as innovators and economic dynamizers in the sector of new technologies.

The challenge for the coming years is to work together for the development of inclusive and continuous policies with our sectors.

TIC Salut Social structures its activity though 4 stakeholder’s activity:

  • Citizens

    • Providing no presential care services
    • Promoting people’s autonomy
    • Improving user experience
  • System

    • Improving problem-solving skills
    • Contributing to the system’s sustainability and equity
  • Information

    • More available information
    • Extracting more value from data
    • Sharing healthcare and socialcare information
  • ICT

    • Improving innovation’s feedback


Based on a proposal from the Department of Health, in the session of September 19, 2006, the Government authorized the creation of the ICT and Health Center Foundation. It was set up in Mataró on 9 October as part of the TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme technology park. On November 25, the Foundation moved its headquarters to the Salvany Building on Carrer Roc Boronat, 81 – 95, Barcelona, with the aim of working more efficiently and sustainably with the different agents and entities in its ecosystem.

Currently, Fundación TIC Salut Social is made up of various public administrations involved in the fields of health, social welfare and information and communication technologies, as well as groups of hospitals and health centers.

Work Areas

  • 01.

    Setting reference models for digital transformation

  • 02.

    Applying AI in healthcare and socialcare

  • 03.

    Releasing research reports

  • 04.

    Training professionals for skills improvement

  • 05.

    Collaborating in ICTs strategies' deployment

  • 06.

    Ensuring the system’s interoperability

  • 07.

    Ensuring healthcare's RGPD compliance

  • 08.

    To boost clustering activities

  • Observatory and Map of Trends

  • Non Face-to-Face Assitance

  • Health DPO

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • mHealth

  • Standards and Interoperability

  • Professional Skills

Board of Trustees

  • Josep Maria Argimon Pallàs


    Head of the department of the Generalitat responsible for Health

  • David Bote Paz


    Major of Mataró. Representing: Laura Seijo Elvira

  • Violant Cervera i Gòdia

    Second Vicepresident

    Department of Social Rights

  • Ester Manzano


    Department of the Vice Presidency

  • Jose Augusto García i Navarro


    Consortium of Health and Social Care of Catalonia

  • David Ferrer i Canosa


    Department of Digital Policies and Public Administration

  • Miguel Arrufat Vila


    Catalan Institute of Health

  • Meritxell Masó i Carbó


    Healthcare Ministry

  • Pol Pérez Sust


    Healthcare Ministry

  • Carles Gómara


    ACCIO Business Innovation Manager and Mobility Strategy Coordinator

  • Àngel Fernández Grauet


  • Pablo Urrutia Royo


  • Healthcare Ministry