• Facilitate medical science with the study of normal histology and physiology of an organ or system.
  • A set of techniques and processes used to create digital images of the human body have clinical purposes such as diagnosing, examining and treating diseases.

01. Context

In 2018, the Department of Health was equipped with the Digital Medical Imaging System of Catalonia (SIMDCAT), a secure and technologically advanced environment in which to store and share digital medical imaging services between the entities of the comprehensive public health system of Catalonia (SISCAT).

SIMDCAT also makes it possible to have digital services and resources based on the same software architecture in a secure and delocalized manner as a cloud service to make digital medical images accessible from the different electronic health records in a decentralized manner.

The rapid advance of technology and the consolidation of disciplines such as artificial intelligence position digital medical imaging as a source of relevant clinical data information to develop healthcare models based on early prediction and prevention, therefore allowing the current improvement. portfolio of healthcare services in terms of equity, efficiency and systemic sustainability.

Consult the projects related to IMD of the Catalan Health System in which the ICT Social Health Foundation participates.

02. Projects