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Do you want this month’s news on projects, conferences and current events in the sector? Welcome to your monthly dose with the May's FlashTICSS !  

18 May 2021
  • #137
    #137 | Març

    In this edition of the month of March we share the highlights of INCISIVE, an European project to improve the diagnosis and prediction of cancer through of AI and ...

    11 March 2021
  • #136
    #136 | February

    In this newsletter that marks the beginning of a new year, we take the opportunity to take stock of the latest European proposals and projects achieved from the Horizon ...

    08 February 2021
  • #135
    #135 | December

    We end the year with the last edition of FlashTICSS. This month we give you an update on innovative technology projects applied to health and social welfare, the results ...

    08 January 2021
  • #134
    #134 | November

    As we do every month, we offer you the latest news from the sector in terms of health, social welfare, projects and technological innovation.

    26 November 2020
  • #133
    #133 | October

    This new edition of the FlashTICSS newsletter contains news about the increased use of the Non-Face-to-Face Care Model and the gradual deployment of the mConnecta Platform in the Health ...

    28 October 2020
  • #132
    #132 | September

    We are starting a new year with new content on technology and innovation applied to health and social care.

    29 September 2020
  • #131
    #131 | July

    This is the 131 edition of the July 2020's FlashTICSS newsletter. You will find the incoming details for September's virtual congresses, sector's strategic lines, training, essay consclusions' and many ...

    28 July 2020
  • #130
    #130 | June

    Here comes our monthly appointment with innovative technology trend in health and social care. Welcome!

    16 June 2020
  • #129
    #129 | May

    Welcome to this FlashTICSS' new edition. Telework, technology and tools for a better confinement are the subjects of this newletter. We hope you like it.  

    06 May 2020
  • #128
    #128 | April

    We are bringing you a new FlashTICSS focusing the pandemic situation and how technology and legal data protection issues are facing the present situation. From the Foundation we encourage you ...

    09 April 2020
  • #127
    #127 | March

    In the heat of the fight with the spread of Covid-19, we publish this new edition of our newsletter that presents the most important news on data protection, Artificial ...

    17 March 2020
  • #126
    #126 | February

    New edition of our corporate newsletter! You will find details about the 2020 Map of Trends or the new Electronic Healthcare Record and many more is expecting you.   Welcome back!

    20 February 2020
  • #125
    #125 | January

    Welcome to a New Year with the first edition of the FlashTICSS newsletter, with the latest news from 2020!

    20 January 2020
  • #124
    #124 | December

    The Foundation brings you the lat2019 FlashTICSS de 2019 and we wish you a merry Xmas and a happy new 2020. See you soon in January!

    16 December 2019
  • #123
    #123 | November

    One month again we are bringing to you updated contents. The latest papers, news and events in this November's edition.

    06 November 2019
  • #122
    #122 | October

    Let’s face October's final sprint with a new instalment of FlashTICSS. We hope you’ll find it interesting!

    21 October 2019
  • #121
    #121 | September

    September is upon us once again, which means it’s time for a new instalment of FlashTICSS. We’re pleased to bring you the latest news from our sector regarding technology, ...

    12 September 2019
  • #120
    #120 | July

    Today we are bringing you our monthly date of the FlashTICSS. Summer, heat and double portion of news and other information of interest from our sector. The foundation's team wishes ...

    22 July 2019
  • #119
    #119 | June

    With summertime it arrives a new FLASHTICSS' edition. Check the novelties of the sector related with its activity, summer courses, contests and other details of your interest  

    01 July 2019
  • #117
    #117 | April

    On the dragons, books and roses day we bring you a new FLASH TICSS edition. Culture, technology and innovation. Ephemerides,  data management, social care and healthcare integrations and much ...

    23 April 2019
  • #116
    #116 | March

    In the March's edition we bring you fresh new topic concerning our sector. We highlight our impressions related to the 2019 Map of Trends and we present our new ...

    26 March 2019
  • #115
    #115 | February

    Now available February's edition of the FlashTICSS newsletter. You will find fresh news about us and our sector. On this occasion we highlight a conversation with the Information Systems ...

    01 March 2019
  • #113
    #113 | December

    The latest issue of Flash TICSS is now available.In the last Flash of 2018 you’ll find a roundup of news, current events and information of interest throughout December.We hope ...

    17 December 2018
  • #112
    #112 | November

    November's edition is already availiable. We would like to highlight information on blockchain, virtual reality and 5G. We hope you will enjoy it.

    19 November 2018
  • #111
    #111 | October

    The autumn is here and we present you a new edition of our monthly newsletter. In this occasion bringing you a conversation with the Honourable Minister Chakir The Homraniabout ...

    10 October 2018
  • #110
    #110 | September

    After a break for the summer, we’re delighted to begin a new bulletin with an interview with Dr Marina Geli, on the occasion of the celebration of the 8th ...

    17 September 2018
  • #109
    #109 | July

    In this monthly appointment we share the last AI event highlights, the Map of Trends' current situtation, new LOINC terminological versions, the Empoc project work in progress and much

    11 July 2018
  • #108
    #108 | June

    The TIC Salut Social Foundation is pleased to present the June edition of Flash TICSS. In the current edition you can find out about the Foundation’s new website, an ...

    06 June 2018
  • #107
    #107 | May

    Entrevistem al nou president de la CAMFiC, el Dr. Antoni Sisó, parlem de l'experiència en el darrer Catalonia-Scotland MoU Knowledge Exchange Workshop de Glasgow i t'apropem diferents articles d'innovació ...

    07 December 2017
  • #106
    #106 | April

    After Easter, in this newsletter's April edition, we interview the director of the Mobile World Capital Barcelona, who takes an in-depth look at the highlights of the last Mobile World Congress. ...

    10 April 2018
  • #105
    #105 | March

    This is the latest edition of the FlashTICSS newsletter (March 2018). Included in this issue: an interview with Òscar Pablos, a GP at Sant Quirze del Vallès Primary Care ...

    21 June 2018
  • #104
    #104 | February

    In the TIC Salut Social Foundation February's newsletter: an interview to Dr Luis Donoso to know the prospects of future in digital medical image. We also share the highlights of the day Infoday H2020, on funding ...

    20 February 2018
  • #103
    #103 | January

    We begin the year with the impressions of our director, Dr. Francesc Garcia Cuyàs, about the trends in the sector in 2018. We break down the highlight of the ...

    10 January 2018