• The Artificial Intelligence Area of the TIC Salut Social Foundation is made up of a multidisciplinary team of professionals from areas such as Biomedical Engineering, Mathematics or Telecommunications, among others.
  • The main objectives of the Area are to coordinate and execute the actions for the deployment of the Health/AI Program, and to participate in artificial intelligence (AI) projects financed with competitive funds that bring high value.

Health/AI program

The Official Journal of the Generalitat of Catalonia published resolution SLT/954/2023, of March 19, 2023, which creates the Program for the promotion and development of Artificial Intelligence in the Health System.

Mission, vision and Values of the Program

  • Mission: Creation of an enabling environment for innovation in the field of Health through the development and implementation of AI solutions to improve care for citizens and support for Health professionals.
  • Vision: Lead the implementation of AI solutions, to contribute to the improvement of Care Quality and the Sustainability of the Health system, valuing the knowledge generated by SISCAT.
  • Values: Transparency, efficiency, innovation, commitment, participation, respect, sustainability.

Strategic lines of the Health/AI Program

The Health/AI Program revolves around eight strategic lines, placed in three axes of action: innovation (lines 1, 2 and 3), evaluation (lines 4 and 5) and implementation (lines 6, 7 and 8).


  1. Launch of AI challenges to cover needs of the Health System that can be solved through AI.
  2. Support for initiatives to promote those that add high value to the Catalan ecosystem.
  3. AI in Health Observatory to monitor the deployment of AI in Health and act as a gateway for AI initiatives
  4. Evaluation system of solutions to be implemented based on evidence and technical validation with real data.
  5. Continuous evaluation of the implemented solutions and periodic retraining of the tools.
  6. Technology integration, data governance, AI model orchestration and AI monitoring.
  7. Professional training through the structuring of an AI Training Plan depending on the needs and profiles and the implementation of the challenges.
  8. Communication to publicize the scope of the Program among the target audiences.


AI projects financed with competitive funds


More than 25 universities, organizations and companies from all over Europe have been working on the INCISIVE project since 2020 with two main objectives. On the one hand, to establish a federated repository of digital medical imaging and clinical cancer data that allows data to be shared securely in accordance with ethical, legal and privacy requirements. And on the other, create a toolbox based on artificial intelligence that allows for improved detection by medical imaging and decision-making. The TIC Salut Social Foundation leads the project’s explainability, interoperability and communication tasks, and facilitated the temporary centralized repository. The Artificial Intelligence Area also participates in consultative meetings with the European Commission and actively collaborates in the AI4HI cluster: Artificial Intelligence for Health Imaging.


The COMFORTAGE project seeks to establish a comprehensive framework for the prevention, monitoring and management of diseases related to aging. The aim is to facilitate the integration of various data sources to improve clinical decision-making and promote health and well-being research. The project will be launched soon.