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Health Data Protection Officer

The Office of the Health Data Protection Officer informs and advises on the obligations imposed by the data protection regulations. We monitor compliance and act as a point of contact for processing-related issues.

Who we are

Statement of principles
  • The Data Protection Officer’s role is to inform, advise and supervise internal compliance with the data protection regulations within the scope of the Department of Health, the Catalan Health Service and the Health Quality and Assessment Agency of Catalonia (AQUAS), as well as the rest of the affiliated public sector bodies. You should know that the Data Protection Officer has an obligation to maintain the duty of secrecy or confidentiality in the performance of its functions, in accordance with EU law or member state law. It may interact with non-member organisations to establish coordinated action and a repository of good practices in the field of health.

DPO's designation
  • Instruction 1/2018, of 16 May, on the temporary attribution of functions of the data protection delegate in the field of the Administration of the Generalitat and its public sector

  • Resolution of 30 March 2023, on the attribution of the functions of Data Protection Officer of the TIC Salut i Social Foundation, through its director.

Annual Activity Reports