Welcome to the DPD Health Office

From the DPD Health Office, we take care to inform and advise on the obligations imposed by the data protection regulations.

We monitor your compliance and act as a point of contact for matters relating to your treatment.

Personal data is the property of its owner, not of who manages it, therefore all people have the fundamental right to the protection of our personal data:

  • Right to be able to control what is done with this data.

  • Right to know who has information about us, what this information is, where it comes from, for what purpose the data is and to whom it is provided.

  • The DPD de Salut independently ensures that the affiliated entities that process data respect the right to the protection of personal data.

  • From the DPD de Salut we also inform people about their rights, how they are exercised and what they can do if they are not respected.