01. Social and health integration

Within the framework of the 2013-2016 Government Plan, through Agreement GOV/120/2013, to create the interdepartmental Plan for the interaction of health and social services.
Subsequently, the designed model was further explored and, through Agreement GOV/28/2014, of February 25, the Interdepartmental Plan for Social and Health Care and Interaction (PIAISS) was created as an expression of the Government’s will to go one step further. in the interaction between health and social services and the commitment to a care model centered on people.

The Government Plan for the XII legislature, approved on September 25, 2018, highlights the need to deploy a unique integrated social and health care strategy due to the health and social needs of the population, especially for those people who They are older or have complex needs. This strategy must promote personal autonomy and facilitate permanence in the usual environment and social inclusion of these people. To achieve this objective, it is necessary to reinforce the value of comprehensive and integrated care for people and the value of the efficiency and quality of the provision model, promoting the fit of health and social services, which determines the convenience of redefining the PIAISS, which is replaced by the new Integrated Social and Health Care Plan (PAISS).

02. HISS - Social and Health Innovation Hubs in Catalonia

HISS has a network of key collaborators in the social and health innovation ecosystem that allows us to bring our projects closer to those stakeholders who can benefit the most and accelerate their development.

Likewise, it allows the different entities to learn about and get closer to those projects that are being developed in Catalonia and that can provide solutions to the challenges they encounter in their daily lives.

The Foundation is part of the executive committee and the steering committee of the HISS of the Terrassa Health Consortium:

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Health and well-being collaboratives in Catalonia

Within the framework of the HISS, the Foundation participates in the work days of the Health and Wellbeing Collaboratory of Catalonia together with the rest of the participating entities, companies and citizens.

Collaborators are social innovation laboratories to promote, promote, design and validate the uses and positive impact of digital technologies aimed at people’s health and well-being.

They identify innovative agents from across the Catalan territory to put them in contact as a driving group and to incubate ideas, promote work sessions, debates, projects and other collaboration and networking initiatives.

For more information regarding this initiative, you can access the following link:

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