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The presentation of the results of the 2010 Survey was conducted as part of the Map of Trends, in a ceremony presided over by the Minister of Health on 17 December 2010, in the auditorium of the Caixa Forum in Barcelona. The Ministry of Health presented the state of play and the results achieved this year in the deployment of ICT in the Catalan health system.

The Survey conducted in 2010 had a participation of 93% of the entities belonging to the comprehensive health care system for public use in Catalonia (SISCAT). This percentage made it possible to establish an accurate diagnosis of the presence of ICT in the Catalan health system and, in addition, means that soon it will be possible to apply the EMRAM model (EMR Adoption Model), a U.S. measuring scale for assessing the degree of implementation of ICT in accordance with internationally accepted indicators and standards. The use of the EMRAM model allows for more accurate comparison with the systems and health centres in other countries. It should be noted that during 2010 mental health and addiction centres have been included in the survey, an issue to which a section has been dedicated in the monograph within the Map of Trends. The information obtained will enable the Ministry of Health to improve the tasks of implementation of ICT in this particular area.

Moreover, the results of the implementation of the Strategic Plan on Information, Technology and Communication Systems (SITIC) 2008-2011 (Situation of SITIC Strategic Health Plan (Balance) also demonstrated that Catalonia has made a quantitative and qualitative leap in implementing new technologies in the field of health.

The achievement of planned objectives, the efforts and resources allocated to them and the participation of various stakeholders in the health system have meant that projects such as electronic prescriptions, the Catalonia shared medical history, the Plan for the digitising of medical imaging, telemedicine and telecare, and the personal health file have become a reality.


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