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The results of the ICT and health 2012 Survey showed that 24% of Catalan hospitals say they do not work with medical records on paper, and that 44% say they only use them in 10% of the cases they attend.

In this edition, replies were achieved for the first time from 100% of the public health system in Catalonia.

The use of electronic medical records by professionals has also intensified. 80% of doctors and 65% of nursing staff say they use them, which is an increase of 20% and 9% over the previous year. Similarly, 73% of centres now have an electronic register for the administration of medication and 66% of centres use a computerised selection solution in the emergency area. This shows the tendency of Catalan centres to increase the use of management technologies as support in the clinical process.

40% of the centres say they interact with their users by sms, 10% more than the previous year, and 29% of the centres already enable Internet appointment management, a percentage which is expected to increase very soon. The results of 2012 also showed the centres’ interest in developing healthcare services by Internet, such as actions to promote health, health queries or vaccination reminders; although these are now timidly offered, a large proportion of the healthcare centres said that they planned to bring them in in the near future.

For the second consecutive year an increase has been observed in the use of teleconsultation, telemonitoring and telediagnosis, which shows that these articles are actually being installed in our health system and are beginning to come out of the phase limited to pilot tests. The results show that with respect to 2011, there has been a particular increase in the use of telediagnosis, followed by an 8% increase in the use of telemonitoring.

Health 2.0 already has more than 5,000 professionals and more than 3,000 patients involved in the virtual communities of interaction between professionals, virtual communities of interaction between professionals and patients, and virtual communities with interaction between patients. The 9% increase in Health 2.0 over last year is an indication of its good health and future potential.

The 2012 edition brought forth replies from 100% of the centres of the public health system in Catalonia, something which had never been achieved before and which shows the consolidation of the survey as a tool of information for the health system. Similarly, taking advantage of the six years of the Map of Tendencies, a survey was made of more than 400 professionals in the health sector to know their opinion on the report. The result showed that 97% of those surveyed believe that the information it provides is useful for the health system, and 94% believe that it is also useful in taking decisions. It is also striking that 92% of those surveyed believe that the data are good quality and 88% say that they keep them informed of international tendencies in ICT and Health.

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