• Systemically unifying the digital medical image model.
  • Sharing information stored securely and delocalised with cloud computing.

01. Digital Medical Imaging System of Catalonia

The Catalan Health System is moving towards a unified model for all digital medical imaging, the Digital Medical Imaging System of Catalonia (SIMDCAT).

This is based on making use of the potential offered by cloud computing to store and share information securely to improve the interoperable environment of Catalonia’s comprehensive health system for public use (SISCAT).

SIMDCAT is based on the Raim cloud, which outsources the storage of health care providers’ medical imaging activity in the cloud, using a shared PACS for all centres.

So far, SIMDCAT has been deployed in 100% of the SISCAT network and has focused on x-ray radiological images (100%) and some non-radiological images.

SIMDCAT is not just a data repository with security policies to ensure each organisation owns its data. It also shares functionalities and resources under a multiple-software architecture principle.