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MConnecta platform: monitoring of patients by recommending mobility elements

Article published in XPA & Health Communication, patient experience and communication journal. Authors: Abdón, N., Andrés, E., de San Pedro, M., Mateu, C., Martínez, S., Sallent, J. (2020). The mConnecta platform aims to expand the current healthcare model and improve the sustainability of the Catalan health system by incorporating the benefits of non-face-to-face healthcare. The first care process that will be integrated into this platform is the monitoring of Major Outpatient Surgery (MOS) for varicose veins. Until now, this post-operative monitoring has been done using daily telephone follow-ups. With the integration of the MOS Web App, citizens can communicate their data through a monitoring form allowing the health professional to consult them and assess their priority. See full article at the following link