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Mental health


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Developer: Soft Whisper

Cost: Free

Revised version: 1.0 (iOS), 1.0.4 (Android)

Revision date: 10/02/2018 (Google Play), 02/14/2018 (App Store)

Frame of reference: La Paz Madrid University Hospital

Specialty: Mental Health

Addressed to: Patient

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Addressed to: Patient


Training program to reduce stress before entering the operating room or we face a diagnostic examination or an exploratory test that causes anxiety.

The program offers exercises to build confidence and reduce anxiety in front of the operating room, through three screens:

1. An introductory screen in which the program is described and a presents a few-minute video in which a typical route is displayed before entering an operating room.
2. A second screen in which a series of simple exercises or strengthening practices designed to promote energy, courage and capacity to strengthen your resources and reduce stress before the test.

Two options are proposed:

i. A long program, when you have at least a month to get prepared to the scheduled test or surgery.
ii. A short program, when the test or surgical intervention arises unexpectedly and you have hours or days to prepare. In this option, selected exercises are offered so that you can practice them in the time you have.

3. A third screen in which we recommend you to visualize yourself after the test or intervention has passed and assess the usefulness that this APP has had to face the situation.

The program is developed by a team in which psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, surgeons, and mental health and operating room nurses who work within the Spanish National Health System, at the La Paz University Hospital and at the Autonomous University of Madrid have collaborated.

The program has been designed based on other interventions to reduce anxiety and is based on the attitude and practice of Mindfulness, on data from the international scientific literature, and on clinical experience.

The program also offers you the opportunity to carry out an evaluation of your emotional state before carrying out the exercises and do it again after carrying them out. This evaluation is a way to make aware and visualize the immediate benefit that the exercises can have.

In addition to trusting the medical team that is going to care for you, you can participate in your own care, through the kind practice of these exercises, adapting them to your own needs to activate your internal strengths or resources.