• Promoting the digital skills for health professionals by backing up the process of digital transformation in different European regions.
  • Providing the basis for an education focused in a digital skills quality training to achieve the necessary habilities in ICT, tele-monitoring and tele-medicine solutions among others.

01. Description

The process of digital transformation into the health sector requires the use of digital technologies in European health systems.

Health professionals are a key stakeholder in order to accelerate this process.

The EU Joint Action Health Workfirce Planning and Forecasting confirms that digital skills are basic to the future of health professionals, as it will necessarily be needed to know how to convey health knowledge to the new digital health paradigm.

DELIVER afocuses on different groups of health professionals from different areas.

This project has four partners from different countries: Denmark, Italy, Slovenia and Spain.

DELIVER is a “action research project” that will produce outcomes with high quality standards and will take co-creation and co-design methodologies.

The transnational generic plan of education, an co-creation tools will be carried out together.

02. Project's general information

Framework: ERASMUS+

Topic: KA204 – Strategic Partnership for adult educatio

Total funding: 300.586 €

TIC Salut Social funding: 30.144 €

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