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Developer: Novartis Farmaceutica SA

Cost: Free

Revised version: 1.2.5 (Android), 1.2.4 (iOS)

Revision date: 28/11/2022 (Google Play), 13/07/2022 (App Store)

Participation of recognized or professional centers: aaa

Reference framework: iSYS Foundation

Specialty: Dermatology

Addressed to: Patients

Descarrega l’App

Addressed to: Patient


The UrCare app was born with the aim of supporting patients and healthcare professionals in monitoring chronic urticaria and angioedema.

With the help of this app and your doctor and through the use of different validated instruments, you will be able to make an assessment of the state of activity, the impact on your quality of life and the degree of control of the disease

The application has three types of questionnaires: with the UAS questionnaire you can record the intensity of the itch and the number of beans present each day. You will also be able to score your angioedema (A) by identifying patterns of frequency, duration and location. Finally, with the quality of life questionnaire (QQV) you will be able to objectively assess how chronic urticaria and angioedema affect you. The combination of these three values, UAS, A, QQV, will allow you and your doctor to make a comprehensive assessment of your Chronic Urticaria. In addition, the application has the possibility of taking photographs and notes that you can share with your doctor along with the results of the questionnaires. All this information should make it easier for your doctor to make decisions for the best treatment and daily management of the disease.