"5 minuts" program; a place to exchange knowledge, experiences and information between the professionals.

Autor: Adrià G.Font   /  30 de novembre de 2015

Every Friday at 7:40 the hospital’s professionals have live access to the training pill from any computer in the hospital and even from their homes. At the end of the session, the professionals are able to ask the speaker questions.

This innovative proposal led by the nurses aims to create a place for exchanging knowledge, experiences and information among professionals and has become a useful tool for being abreast of some aspects of healing thanks to its audio-visual format.

The content is selected according to the subjects of interest that the nurses propose, to the new developments to be implemented in daily practice, and to aspects of strategic interest in the different areas. They are presented in the form of on-line sessions and talks and are all recorded. If live access to the session is not possible, a space has been created where all of the material is available over the corporate web / intranet in the form of video and PDF.

The team of the “5 minuts” program is incorporating the training pills in QR format in the clinical posts so professionals might be able to access with their smartphone.

The “5 minuts” program is a clear example of how ICTs bring knowledge more effectively to healthcare practice.