Digital health strategies, governance, and implementation of European Health Data Space: Challenges and opportunities

28 /Nov


  • Transformació Digital

The Electronic Health Records (EHR) market is far from being ready to allow the re-use of patients’ data for purposes other than care (i.e. the “only once” strategy). Chapter 3 of the European Commission proposal for the European Health Data Space lays out the legal foundations for electronic health records to comply with the future European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format (EEHRxF) standards.

This session takes place with the support of the X-eHealth project. It will report on the state-of-play with national and regional electronic health records systems, and will explore what it takes for these instrumental digital health building blocks to comply with these legal provisions. It will also reflect on the governance to be put in place to enforce the implementation of these standards as well as expand them to additional use cases. The session will furthermore take a look at the market side of things.

Moderated by Eugeni Fernandez Gonzalez, TIC Salut, Spain.

?️ Speakers

Isabelle Zablit Schmitz, Ministry of Health and Solidarity, France.