DeepHealth Anonymization Hackathon

27 /Apr


DeepHealth Anonymization Hackathon
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As part of the DeepHealth project, FISABIO-UMIB has organized a two-day hackathon around anonymization of biomedical data. The participation in this event is open to everyone interested in the treatment of sensitive information in the clinical domain.

The Biomedical Data Anonymization Hackathon will include theoretical sessions (courses) about different methodologies for data anonymization, lab demos of these methods and re-identification exercises to be completed.

Researchers from Fisabio will guide all courses, demos and exercises.

The hackathon will be held via Zoom.

Tentative schedule

Wednesday 27th:

10:00 h to 13:00 h : Theoretical courses

1. Hackathon Presentation

2. De-identification of Radiological reports

3. De-identification of DICOM metainformation

4. De-identification of Biomedical Images

5. De-identification of Structured Data

15:00 h to 18:00 h : Demos

1. Dismed: De-Identification of Medical Texts

2. De-identification of Dicom tags with CTP

Thursday 28th:

10:00 h to 13:00 h : Exercises

1. Re-identification of anonymized medical texts

2. Re-identification of BIMCV Covid19 dataset