Deployment of cross-border eHealth services in Spain

Contract number: INEA/CEF/ICT/A2017/1526045 Driven by: Departament de Salut, through Fundació TIC Salut Social Term: 48 months Project Cost: 148.045€ Grant: 111.034€…


Integrated project in SIMDCAT with the objective to identify syntactic and semantic standards for the representation of the…

Intersocial Project

The Intersocial project is an initiative headed by the Office of Standards and Interoperability of the ICT Health…


The project will provide support and monitoring tools for the optimum follow-up and management of diabetes.   About…


As a result of the Respiratory Diseases Plan (PDMAR), a project was proposed to standardize spirometry reports. An…

HC3 Project

Digital Health Record  or Història clínica compartida, HC3


The image digitalisation of the diagnosis tests represents a big step forward to offer a better sanitary assistance….

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