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  • We are working to promote a digital model of non-face-to-face care that complements the current portfolio of care services.

  • We have defined the reference model for digital non-face-to-face care (LATITUD Model) such as telecare.

  • We are developing the mConnecta tool as a digital solution that facilitates this type of care.

  • We identify the training needs of professionals regarding digital skills.

  • We assess digital solutions.

  • This knowledge allows us to collaborate in the design of the digital user experience and ensure interoperability between systems.

Content index
  • 01.

    Reference model for digital and remote healthcare services

  • 02.

    Digital skills for healthcare professionals

  • 03.

    Evaluation models for digital and remote solutions

  • 04.


  • 05.

    Semantic and systems interoperability