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As a resulted more rellevants of the last year it would be necessary to highlight the increase of more than 10% in the use of the tools of mobility in the field of the domiciliary hospitalisation.

Precisely, in reference to the mobility, highlight that to the world exist around 200.000 apps in health and social. In the field of the Catalan territory, as the observatory APPS and projects of mobility of the Foundation TicSalut include recorded roughly 60 of these applications. The most highlighted give service of geolocalitzacióof centres, management of visits, time of expects in real time and virtual visits.

Regarding the use of the Clinical History Shared in Catalonia, the study determines that it is already almost of 100% in the centres of the public network and recently have begun to connect the centres of rehabilitation and dialysis, that properament will complement with the integration of pertinent data of the social services.

My Health, the digital space multicanal with which Health wants to favour that the citizens feel more partícips and responsible of the prevention and care of his health, continues evolving and this year 2016 have triplicat the numeral of accesses, given that every time offer more functionalities and services. It is necessary to highlight the big received that has had him eConsulta.

The practical of it telemedicina keeps the trend of the last years. The use of the telediagnòsticand it teleconsulta situates surroundings to 70%. And it telemonitorització in the threshold of 20%.

With the aim to improve the practical assistencial foresee three big challenges how are: continue evolving with the interconnection between institutions; accompany to the patient in having care of his health and work in the digital transformation of the processes that give attention to the people.

Day Map of Trends. 10th anniversary.

This year the celebration of the Day of the Map of Trends, that was followed live for more than 200 assistants, coincided also with the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Foundation TicSalut.

The mayor of Mataró, David Bounce, was the attendant to inaugurate the day, highlighting the paper “of lever of knowledge and trends of the sector health and social that develops the Foundation to the city of Mataró”. They accompanied it to the table the general director, Francesc Garcia Cuyàs and the director of innovation of TicSalut, Jordi Martinez, who wanted to highlight the structure of 4R that it would follow the day: Results of him polls Map of Trends 2016, Remember the 10 years of the Foundation, Relate with and between the sector and Reflexionar on the digital transformation, with the report of the keynote speaker guest Marc Vidal.

As a special event for the 10th anniversary, the act counted with the projection of a memorial video of the path of the Foundation, followed of a round table of debate between different personalities rellevants for TicSalut and the sector, how the Councillors of Health, Marine Geli (2003-10) and Boi Ruiz (2010-2016), the General Secretary of Health, Roser Fernàndez(2010-16), the current Director of the TIC of the Dept. Of Health, Pole Pérez, the first director of Tic Health (2006-2013), Josep Mañach and the executive president, Joan Cornet (2006-13).


For last, highlight also the overhead index of participation and follow-up of the Day through the network, with more than 2 million impressions, near 700 tweets resultant and 284 total users that did use of the hashtag#MapaTicSalut at some time. It hashtag#MapaTicSalut, besides, achieved to be trending topic to the city of Barcelona.



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