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The presentation of the results of the 2011 survey was made, as every year, as part of the Map of Trends at the Mataró-Maresme TecnoCampus Park on 16 December 2011, this time under the chairmanship of the Minister of Health and the Mayor of Mataró.

The 2011 Survey included the participation of 139 companies, covering 100% of hospitals, 97% of mental health and addiction centres and 85% of nursing homes. The survey collected information on the main indicators: technological platforms, information systems, connectivity, interoperability, telemedicine, security and management of ICT.

This year, the monograph is devoted to comparisons with European metrics: the IC-EU27 metric of the European Union and the EMRAM metrics from HIMSS Analytics Europe. Catalonia is the first region to have passed indicators of the IC-EU27 to 100% of its hospitals, which allows us to have objective data to compare their results with the average of the 27 European countries studied. According to the result, Catalonia is in eighth place in the eHealth Hospital Deployment Index, which comprises all 27 countries of the EU, surpassing the European average in that 92% of the public hospitals in the Catalan system are above that average.

The EMRAM model (Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model), a European adaptation made by HIMSS Analytics Europe from its American model, evaluates 177 items aimed at ascertaining the level of use of the electronic clinical history and implementation of the different electronic medical records. Catalonia has also been a leader in providing Catalan acute care centres with the opportunity to be evaluated using this metric.

During the presentation of the Map of Trends 2011, Dr. Joan Guanyabens, coordinator general of ICT for the Ministry of Health, and CEO of the Agency for Information and Quality Assessment in Health Care, presented the outcome of the situation in 2011 and the strategic lines in IS and ICT 2012-2015, which become a roadmap for the entire health sector. It is intended to give a definitive boost to ICT in the system, under a single participatory governance model, and make available all the necessary services to providers that can enable continuity of care.

In the last part of the conference three examples were presented of successful initiatives through the use of ICT in the health sector, along with the international experience of Mr. Madis Tiik, CEO of the Estonian eHealth Foundation, who presented the experience in Estonia with electronic data sharing, a system which has improved the transparency, efficiency and quality of their health services.

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