Standard HL7 FHIR

HL7 FHIR is the HL7 standard for the exchange of healthcare data. It combines the best features of the HL7 V2.x, HL7 V3 and HL7 CDA R2 standards taking advantage of the latest web standards, being easy to design and implement.

The standard defines a set of resources that represent the information of granular clinical concepts, such as a patient, a medication, a medical device or a procedure performed for a patient.

All official documentation of the standard can be freely consulted on the HL7 FHIR website. This, unlike the documentation of HL7 V2.x that was collected in pdf files, is distributed on different web pages related with hyperlinks.

IHE, the Health Standards Development Organization, has also developed several guidelines that involve the use of the HL7 FHIR standard. The compilation of these guides can be consulted in this link.

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