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iSalut Clinical Dictionary

The iSalut Clinical Dictionary is a transversal project that aims to normalize the vocabulary used by SISCAT (the Integrated…

Intersocial Project

The Intersocial project is an initiative headed by the Office of Standards and Interoperability of the ICT Health…

Trillium Bridge II

Second part of the European Project Trillium-Bridge, Horizon 2020 Programme whose TIC Salut Social Foundation is a consortium…

iS3 Project

iS3 is the interoperability project to facilitate the integration between the different information systems of the helthcare and…


How to create an application secure, accessible mobile usable and interoperable.

A quick guide to recommendations for the development of health and social care apps

Nuclear Medicine

The controlled vocabulary to be used in the Catalan Health System to codify nuclear medicine procedures is the…


Frequent asked questions about the system homologation, devices or services

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