Anàlisi i avaluació de la usabilitat i acceptabilitat de l’eCAP

The primary healthcare clinical platform (eCAP) is the computerised clinical record software used by most of the professionals of the primary care network. It treats of a tool that facilitates the management of the clinical data of the patient with a 360º vision. The eCAP is integrated with Argos, with the projects of Catalan Health Record (HC3), the e-recipe and iS3. Since its release in 2001, the eCAP has entered into constant improvement and new functionalities helping professionals to develop their attention tasks.

Clinicians have identified the eCAP improvements regarding the usability. But it never has been deployed a systematic analysis or an evaluation following a structured methodology to determine specific improvements.

The eCAP-ERGO is a Catalan Department of Health project with the objective to conduct an analysis and evaluation of the eCAP platform. This analysis has to identify the main areas of usability improvement and also the basis for a future  system evolution.

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