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mConnecta platform

mConnecta platform

The mobility marketplace to foster the citizen's welfare through the use of the mobile tech

The approval of the 2015 Plan of Mobility ‘’ by the Catalan Government approaches the health and social care services to the people through mobility tech. It facilitates the transformation of different care services to achieve an integrated and next level centered patient care.

mHealth understood a the ensemble of solutions focused to the improvement and creation of services through systems and mobile devices pretends to empower citizen’s welfare as well as contributing to the sustainability of the system and the creation of shared value.

According to this, the mConnecta platform is being developed. A mobility marketplace to foster welfare through the use of the mobile tech: mobile apps, wearables and medical devices.

From the TIC Salut Social Foundation’s mHealth area the catalogue integrating these medical devices will be maintained. In order to be published it will pass an accreditation and/or homologation process so that it can be prescribed and recommended by the professionals at the citizens. The integration as an official element allowed to be prescribed will be validated by an mHealth Committee.

The catalogue of elements will be visible for the professionals, the patients and for the office mHealth that it manages it.

mConnecta enhances that


  • The health and social care professionals can recommend mobility medical devices to their  patients through his workstation.
  • The generated data by these devices are integrated in the Electronic Health Record.
  • Any mobile components used validated and homologated as a warranty of reliability in terms of security and usability.
  • Performs a real time follow-up of the patients welfare situation.
  • Data of the platform can be used research purposes applied to improve precdictive methods and systems.



A quick guide to recommendations for the development of health and social care apps

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