IS3 is a transversal project of the Ministry of Health of Catalonia that aims to facilitate the interoperability between the different providers of the Catalan Health System, favoring the continuity of care and the integrated management of processes. To achieve this goal, different tools and components have been developed in the framework of the project, which are in the phase of continuous improvement. The main components of the project are higligted as follows:

  • Interoperability platform: It becomes the central core of the project, since it orchestrates the communications between the different information systems. The interoperability platform is the piece that allows providers of different levels of care to make derivations, scheduling requests, data queries, event notifications and laboratory requests. The platform uses the messaging defined in the WiFIS project in order to standardize the way in which the different centers are communicating.
  • Terminology server: It is the tool that contains the different controlled vocabularies that are used to exchange information between providers, such as SNOMED CT, LOINC, SERAM, SEMNim, territorial catalogs, etc.
  • Forms tool: Often, different derivation processes that can be performed through the interoperability platform require specific information. Within the IS3 project a tool of forms has been created to allow the transmision of this information, complementing the common base that is in the messaging. The data that can be completed in the forms is collected in a structured way,being normalized in archetypes encoded with vocabularies of the Temrinology Server.

TIC Salut Social Foundation offers support and consultancy in the execution of the project, through the Office of Standards and Interoperability.

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