Intersocial Project

The Intersocial project is an initiative headed by the OFSTI of the TIC Salut Social Foundation, with the collaboration of the University of Vic-Central University of Catalonia and the PIAISS, together with the support of Esteve Tejin HealthCare. The project, which was carried out between January and December 2016, aimed to define the commonly controlled vocabulary to be used to promote information interoperability in the field of social care, particularly for people who have social and health needs. Through this vocabulary, the aim is to achieve a greater integration of data from different management systems in the field of social care in Catalonia.

The following methodology has been adopted to achieve this objective:

  1. The elaboration of a map of the information systems used in the social field in Catalonia.
  2. An analysis of the latest developments in controlled vocabularies in the field of social care, at Catalan, Spanish, European and international level.
  3. The elaboration of a use case to address the problem under consideration, focused on chronicity and end of life.
  4. The selection of a standard, controlled, reference vocabulary.
  5. The drawing up of a single list of problems and solutions, based on the different catalogues identified.
  6. A review of both lists to select the necessary concepts, guaranteeing that there is a response to the use case, conducted by a team of multidisciplinary experts.
  7. Mapping the final items listed to the selected reference vocabulary.

After analyzing the latest developments in controlled vocabularies in the field of social care, and given the absence of a standardised common terminology, SNOMED CT has been selected as the standard for the representation and exchange of problems and responses in the social field.

In the download area of SNOMED CT you can obtain the subgroups of SNOMED CT resulting from the project, as well as its associated documentation.


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