• Present a frame of reference for the assessment of digital non-face-to-face care solutions.
  • Provide a practical self-assessment guide for digital non-face-to-face care solutions.
  • Offer a certification service for mobile applications in the health and social field.
  • Provide a guide to best practices in the development of mobile solutions.

01. About mHealth

The Mobile Health is the implementation of healthcare and socialcare actions focused on citizenship and supported by mobile devices, sensors for patient monitoring and other solutions performing as a remote digital assistant.

At the same time it can interact with other technologies such as virtual reality or artificial intelligence.

This type of care processes’ solutions are helping to redefine the interaction between professionals and patients in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

02. Mobile app certification service

Check out these documents to find out what you need to keep in mind to pass the health or wellness application accreditation process of the TIC Salut Social Foundation.

Apps' developement for healthcare and socialcare

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Recommendations for apps development guidelines

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Accreditation guidelines criteria for healthcare and wellness apps

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mHealth's variables dictionary (Catalan version)

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03. Accreditation categories

The application must have an intuitive interface, with a design suited to its intended function and it must ensure universal, inclusive access to people with functional diversity to maximize the benefits offered by the technology.


We determine whether the app functions are efficient and reliable from a technological point of view. The application must adapt to a minimum of functionality acceptable to the end user ensuring robustness and consistency.


We ensure robust mechanisms are in place to preserve the privacy of the data generated by the users and the utmost confidentiality in the transmission of said information. It is necessary to ensure proper storage of information and establish mechanisms for encryption when registering passwords.


A Committee of Experts, made up of professionals from different professional associations in the sector such as COMB, COPFLEFC, COIB, SCEPC, AiFICC and CAMFIC, evaluate the quality of the content and the utility of the functions offered. Their review includes the usability and design of the application and whether it notifies the user of any software updates.


04. Accredited Apps Database

Check out the successful accomplished TIC Salut Social’s Accreditation Service:

061 CatSalut Respon

The 061CatSalut Respon application is a free and public mobile application owned by Sistema d’Emergències Mèdiques, SA (Servei Català de Salut), aimed at both citizens and health professionals. The application allows the user, after recording their data (name, surname, ID, health card number, age, gender and address), to send this data along with the geolocation data at the same time of the call. Thus, a service of maximum efficiency and quality is offered since the 061CatSalut Respon knows, at the time, where the caller is located and can access the patient’s Shared Clinical History of Catalonia, which contains their health information. The App allows viewing first aid videos and health advice, locating the nearest health centers, defibrillators and pharmacies, as well as receiving notifications related to health.

More information

  • Enterprise: Generalitat de Catalunya

  • Price: Free

  • Revised version: 1.0.6

  • Revision date: 11/07/2018

  • Participation of recognized or professional centers: Catalan Society of Digital Health

  • Speciality: Emergency

  • Publication Date: 11/07/2018

  • It has advertising: No

  • Internet connectivity: Required

  • Addressed to: Citizen, Patients, Caregiver, Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist

Download the App

Countour Diabetis

The Countour Diabetes app syncs with the Countour glucometer that performs a related blood glucose (GS) test. This application records the glucometer data and helps you better understand how daily activities affect the results of GS, in order to better control and manage your diabetes. The application allows you to identify patterns, trends, remember visits and analytics, record events, view records of glucose levels, insulin doses and share the information with your healthcare professional.


More information

  • Enterprise: Ascensia Diabetes Care S.L.

  • Price: Free

  • Revised version: 2.8.0

  • Revision date: 31/03/2020

  • Speciality: Endocrinology / Diabetes

  • Publication Date: 19/02/2018

  • It has advertising: No

  • Internet connectivity: Required

  • Addressed to: Citizen, Patients, Caregiver, Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist

Download the App

OneTouch Reveal

The OneTouch Reveal app works with the OneTouch Verio Reflect System and OneTouch Select Plus Flex, OneTouch Verio Flex and OneTouch Ultra Plus Flex glucometers. The application transforms the collected data into visual screens that connect your blood glucose with diet, insulin and daily activity. It also allows patterns to be identified, notifications to be sent and comparisons of the results to offer the patient a better awareness and monitoring of their diabetes.


More information

  • Enterprise: LifeScan S.L.U.

  • Price: Free

  • Revised version: 4.4.1

  • Revision date: 04/03/2020

  • Speciality: Endocrinology / Diabetes

  • Publication Date: 31/03/2020

  • It has advertising: No

  • Internet connectivity: Required

  • Addressed to: Citizen, Patients, Caregiver, Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist

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The MySugr application is a free, citizen-oriented mobile application that allows you to register your diabetes and track the progress of your disease.

The App automatically records data and can collect information from daily therapy, such as what you eat, diet and carbohydrate intake, and also allows you to record your medication speed, blood glucose levels and insulin levels. The App allows pairing with Accu-Chek devices.


More information

  • Enterprise: Roche Diabetes Care Spain S.L.U

  • Price: Free

  • Revised version: v3.79 (iOS) and v3.85 (Android)

  • Revision date: 03/04/2020

  • Participation of recognized or professional centers: Patient Association

  • Speciality: Endocrinology / Diabetes

  • Publication Date: 03/04/2020

  • It has advertising: No

  • Internet connectivity: Required

  • Addressed to: Citizen, Patients, Doctor, Nurse

  • Contact details: mySugr GmbH /

Download the App

Freestyle Librelink

The Freestyle LibreLink App has been approved for its use with FreeStyle Libre and FreeStyle Libre 2 continuous monitoring sensors. The App allows you to calculate the level of glucose by scanning the sensor with the phone, as well as receiving alarms when the level of glucose is high or low. The FreeStyle LibreLink application when used with a FreeStyle 2 glucose monitoring system sensor is indicated to measure glucose levels to interstitial liquid in people (from 4 years) with Diabetes Mellitus, including pregnant women. The application and sensor are designed to replace blood glucose tests for self-control of diabetes, including insulin dosage.


More information

  • Enterprise: Abbott Laboratories

  • Price: Free of charge

  • Revised version: 2.53

  • Revision date: 14/12/2020

  • Participation of recognized or professional centers: Collected the suggestions of the FEDE (Spanish Diabetes Federation) and the members of the SED (Spanish Diabetes Society).

  • Speciality: Endocrinology / Diabetes

  • Publication Date: 14/12/2020

  • It has advertising: No

  • Internet connectivity: Required

  • Addressed to: Patient

  • Contact:

Download the App


SocialDiabetes helps you to improve the control of diabetes treatment with the convenience of keeping records directly on your smartphone.

The care of type 1 and type 2 diabetes requires a great deal of follow-up by the patient. With SocialDiabetes you can register relevant information for the treatment of diabetes such as blood glucose, insulin, carbohydrates, medications or physical activity.

In addition, you can view your blood glucose levels and active insulin; observe the evolution of your diabetes and the factors that affect your blood glucose levels, etc.

More information

  • Enterprise: SocialDiabetes S.L

  • Price: Free

  • Revised version: V4.11.30(iOS) and v4.17.67 (Android)

  • Revision date: 22/07/2021

  • Participation of recognized or professional centers: Recollides les sugerències de la FEDE (Federación Española de Diabetes) i dels membres de la SED (Societat Española de Diabetes).

  • Speciality: Endocrinology / Diabetes

  • Publication Date: 22/07/2021

  • It has advertising: No

  • Internet connectivity: Necessària

  • Addressed to: Pacient

  • Dades de contacte:

Download the App

Infermera Virtual

The Infermera Virtual App is a free mobile application, aimed at both citizens and health professionals, in order to promote the autonomy and independence of people in making decisions about their health. The user can consult the health tutorials in an easy and understandable way and in different formats such as videos, infographics or health tips. You can also scan QR codes and receive health-related notifications with the App. On the other hand, healthcare professionals can prescribe this nursing content easily via mobile phone or tablet.

More information

  • Enterprise: Col·legi Oficial Infermeres i Infermers de Barcelona

  • Price: Free

  • Revised version: 1.0

  • Revision date: 17/03/2022

  • Speciality: Nursing Cures

  • It has advertising: No

  • Internet connectivity: Required

  • Addressed to: : Citizen, Patients, Caregiver, Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist

Download the App

05. Commitee of Experts

Susana González

Primary Care Nursing, coordinator of clinical trials at CAPSBE. Member of the IDIBAPS-CAPSBE Primary Care reasearch Committee. She is Postgraduate in Primary Care and student of the Master’s in Bioinformatics and Biostatistics (UOC). Member of the AIFiCC ICT Group.

Miguel Àngel Mayer

Doctor, specialising in Family and Community Medicine, MA in Public Health, PhD in Biomedical Computing and member of CAMFiC’s ICT Group. He is Senior Biomedical Scientist on the IMIM and Universitat Pompeu Fabra’s Research Program on Biomedical Informatics, where he is also an Associate Professor and teaching coordinator in biomedical informatics.

Marc Fortes

Nursing Degree (UB) and MA in Health Education (UDL). He is currently the director of the Col·legi Oficial d’Infermeres i Infermers de Barcelona’s Virtual Nursing Project and A​ssociate Professor at the Universitat de Barcelona.

Antonio Torrejón

Holds a Degree in Nursing, Specialising in Occupational Nursing and a Degree in Archival Science. For his PhD he conducted research in Methodology of Biomedical Research and Public Health at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). Holds an MA in Nursing Care Administration and Management. Director of Information Systems and ICT at the Col·legi Oficial d’Infermeres i Infermers de Barcelona (COIB). Head of the Innovation and Technology Group at the COIB.

Daniel Lara

Holds a Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, Specializing in Health and Physical Exercise. Currently completing a PhD at the Universitat de Barcelona (UB-INEFC). Head of COPLEFC’s Innovació i Tecnologia group and their Comissió de Salut.

Mireia Sans

Degree and a Doctorate in Medicine and Surgery from the UB, specializing in Family and Community Medicine. Assistant Director of the Comte Borrell CAP, CAPSBE. President of the COMB’s eHealth Medical Section. Lecturer at the UIC.

Maite Garolera

Specialist in Clinical Psychology and an expert Neuropsychology. MA in eHealth: IT and Health Management from La Salle-Universitat Ramon Llull and an MA in Health Institution Management from the UAB. PhD in Psychology from the UB. Head of the Neuropsychology Unit and the Brain, Cognition and Conduct Research Group for the Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa (CST). President of the Societat Catalana d’Especialistes en Psicologia Clínica. Lecturer at the UIT and the UOC.

Clara Salvadó

Holds a Degree in Pharmacy (UB) and a Degree in Business Sciences (UOC). Functional manager of CatSalut’s Medicines Catalogue and a collaborator on electronic prescription projects.


You can consult all the documentation related to the accreditation process in the section Guidebooks for the Accreditation process for Health or Wellness Apps.

06. Self-assessment test

You will find a short questionnaire that will allow you to assess the degree of maturity of your application and whether it is ready to begin a certification process.

Do the test

  • Are the main elements (text, images, buttons, etc.) identifiable, easy to use, and ready to respect margins and distances? Are items provided and fit any device?

  • Is the source of the text intelligible and easy to read?

  • In the field of text input, are all international characters accepted?

    That allows the introduction of Arabic or Cyrillic characters in the register of proper names.
  • Is the registration process and access to the service quick and easy?

  • Is the navigation intuitive, are the icons understandable, and is the operation clear and well-structured?

  • Does the App's features (GPS, Sensors, Wearables, Glucometers, etc.) work properly, load quickly, and adapt to the App audience?

    If the App allows the collection of data by means of a quantizing wristband, it is essential that it is easily paired with the app, that it does so continuously and with a reliable transmission of the data.
  • Were any warnings for the user, in case of a serious error (closing the App) or to confirm destructive orders (deletion of data)?


  • Is it stable, does not stop deliberately, does not block and supports context changes?

    Tots els botons tenen la mateixa forma o aparença. Les imatges no se sobreposen i estan ben dimensionades en diferents resolucions de pantalla.
  • Is it installed and uninstalled properly?

  • Report on the log of data used for its operation?

    Complies with all the information that must be provided to the citizen on the collection of their data, which is collected in the RGPD
  • Is it stable, does not stop deliberately, does not block and supports context changes?

    Allows a smooth switch from one application to another. It also allows you to receive a call and return to where you were. For example, if a form was being filled out, it would not delete the data that had already been entered.
  • Does it make reasonable use of network resources and warns in case of poor connection quality?


  • Have they taken into account aspects such as the proper contrast and compatibility of the App with the tools that make the content accessible to people with functional diversity? (Voice over, magnifiers…)


  • Report and request the necessary permissions to access the various services on your device?

  • Do you have a password / password recovery service?

  • Check for incorrect data entry?

    Performs an automatic data entry check and alerts the user to correct it. Example: Checks the validity of a DNI, applies ranges of veracity in the introduction of body temperature or glycemia, ...
  • Is the data collected essential to the operation of the App? The user is informed that they are collected, for what purpose and who will have access to them?

  • Does the App have a record of data processing activities?

    Data controllers and data controllers must keep a record of the treatment activities they carry out. This register must contain, for each activity, the information established in article 30 of the RGPD. This information includes issues such as:
    · Name and contact details of the person in charge and, if applicable, the co-manager, as well as the data protection officer, if any.
    · Purposes of treatment.
    · Description of categories of interested parties and categories of personal data processed.
    · International data transfers · Whenever possible, deadlines for deleting data.
    · Where possible, an overview of technical and organizational security measures.
  • Does the app have a risk analysis?

  • Comply with relevant security measures regarding data protection (Reduce, Encrypt, Guarantee, Restore and Evaluate)

  • Does it have an impact assessment on the rights and freedoms of citizens?

  • Passwords aren't displayed directly, and if they're saved on your device, are they encrypted?

  • Are communication channels encrypted when processing health data?

  • Are authentication mechanisms standard? (Basic, OAuth, OpenId, etc.)

  • Are valid encryption certificates used by a recognized organization?

  • Is the title or description of the App clear and defining the target audience?

  • Are the utilities and / or benefits for the user who incorporates the App well specified, and within their reach?

    During the installation process, the benefits and / or usefulness of the App are specified. It can also be included in the information section.
  • Are the owner of the App and the sources of funding, promotion or sponsorship clearly stated?

  • Are App Managers and Content Authors Specified?

    The person in charge of the App is the Hospital Center (...) and the authors of the content are Nurse Alba (...) and the clinical psychologist Joana (...)
  • Are the sources of information based on scientific evidence used to compile the content and when are they updated?

    At the end of the content provided, the source would be included: Venkatesh, A., & Edirappuli, S. (2020). Social distancing in covid-19: what are the mental health implications ?. Bmj, 369.
  • Is the user informed of the risks involved in using the App?

    During the installation process, the risks involved in using the App are specified. It can also be included in the information section.
  • Are help and contact mechanisms made available to the user?

Check Results