Unwired Health

01. About the project

Framework: CIP-ICT-PSP

Funding: 3.856.753 €


02. Description

UNWIRED HEALTH will re-design the benefit of healthcare attention, introducing a route of mobile attention to the consumers. The project will deploy a pre-commercial procurement (PCP) to change the mobile innovations for patients in order to enable the patient-centered attention, the use of mobile devices and the convergence of the interoperants platforms. It does not exist any current or future solution in the market, since it required the cooperation of the sanitary administrations and the suppliers through multiple nations.

The consortium created to carry out the project is formed by three public procurers that will introduce these innovations in their territories, Catalonia, Scotland and the south of Denmark and three independent associations without membership to suppliers of these services.

The project objectives:

  • Establish a European PCP process
  • Use the PCP process to execute an announcement of bidding for the development of the services of mobile online health.

These services include:

  1. App to improve the coverage of vaccination.
  2. App to train the patients with cardiac stops focusing on the education, motivation, remote supervision and other functions such as the integration and coordination of the proportionate attention for a hospital and the primary care doctor.

These services will be carried out in an “open platform” suitable for any smartphone and any operator taking part

03. Procuring Partner