• Improving the integration of social services data in Catalonia.
  • Defining the common controlled vocabulary to be used to interoperate information within social care information systems and also between health and social care.


The InterSocial project was created in 2016 based on the need to define a controlled vocabulary allowing Catalan social services information to interoperate.
Based on the needs for standardisation and interoperability of Information Systems in the social field, InterSocial has become a regular service of the TIC Salut Social Foundation for the Department of Social Rights. It aids the exchange of integrated information between different areas and systems, such as social and health, so as to offer higher-quality care services.

Having analysed the previous state of the art of existing international and national standards, the terminological standard selected to enable the homogenisation of controlled vocabularies is SNOMED CT. It is a very extensive terminology in which social and health concepts can be found. So it is the best option to make the social area internally and externally interoperable with other areas such as education, justice and health.

InterSocial has been divided into three stages during these years (2016 – 2021). As of September 2022, the project is reactive and the TIC Social Health Foundation and the Department of Social Rights collaborate with institutions and groups of experts in the social field from all around the region.

Consolidation through structured sharing of information between the different information systems is implemented through an updated dictionary codified and structured in:

251 coded concepts - 44 factors - 88 problems - 84 observations - 35 answers


The methodology used in the project was initially based on an initial analysis of existing IS in the field of social management in Catalonia. We also checked that there was no international vocabulary to be used and that it was consolidated and therefore the state of the art of international standards.

Finally, SNOMED CT was chosen as the representative standard. Work on the first stage of the project then began (2016) with the group of vocabulary experts. Since the social area is very broad, a specific use case was defined to ensure that as InterSocial evolves it reaches most areas of social services. In the first stage, a use case focused on chronicity and end of life was worked on. In the second stage (2019-2020), new use cases for childhood and mental health were worked on and in the third stage (2020-2021), work was done on childhood and youth as well as dependency.

The vocabulary is structured into four large groups of concepts: problems, answers, factors and observations. There are currently 251 concepts codified in the reference standard, SNOMED CT.

Social terminology dictionary

These controlled vocabularies are intended to integrate social services data and aid the work carried out by professionals in the field of social services.

The foundation makes the Social Terminology Dictionary available to you to promote networking and the adoption of standards to interoperate information efficiently:


Our team is currently working on the Social Terminology Dictionary latest update.

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