01. Description

It is a project born with the main purpose of detecting properly the elder’s falls.
Other aims of the project are the reduction of the fear to fall and the prevention of the syndrome to remain pulled by fear to fall.The FATE system, enables to detect falls through a high sensitivity fall detector based in accelerometers that execute an algorithm. With a 98,88% accuracy and, specifically, near of 100% in the detection of falls. This main element is complemented with a platform able to send alarms through 3G or the GPRS protocol wherever the falls are produced. A fall detection sends an automatic communication to the relatives or to the healthcare emergency services through the emergency call centres. If the user is out of home, the device will also send the spceific location through satellite.
For people suffering greater difficulties, the system will be complemented with an e-Walker: a designed intelligent walker to minimize the risk of falls.


FATE has been piloted in three countries: Spain, Ireland and Italy.

Development of a home-based device with the ability to detect falls of the elderly and reduce the time of intervention of emergency services.