• Provide groups with a complete set of competencies in Healthcare Innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Develop a knowledge alliance between higher education, SMEs and industry.
  • Enable students to acquire specific job skills and key competencies that help increase their employability.
  • Creation of an innovative educational model that can be adapted to other universities.

01. Advanced Training in Health Innovation Knowledge Alliance - ATHIKA


In January 2019, the ATHIKA project began, funded by the ERASMUS+ program (European Commission – EAC-A05-2017), focused on the design and deployment of multidisciplinary training programs. Thus, ATHIKA will aim to improve the skills of healthcare professionals and engineers to facilitate the application of new technologies in the sector.

Promoting skills among professionals in the sector

The consortium is made up of three higher education institutions: La Salle – Ramon Llull University, University of Tartu and University of the West of Scotland; five companies: Technopolis Group (consulting), Mcrit (consulting), Pharmatics Limited (research and development, Technosens Evolution (software development) and Kaunas STP (technology park).

The ICT Social Health Foundation will participate in the identification of the challenges and needs of the health sector as well as experiences in eHealth and mHealth, to provide professionals with the necessary experience to develop eHealth solutions that respond to the current challenges of the sector.

The new ICT systems in the health sector require better collaboration between health professionals, patients and technological experts to ensure that the results are positive and not counterproductive for the patient. ATHIKA seeks to improve this link by training professionals with different profiles so that they acquire skills in innovative technologies and in ethics applied to health. Taking into account the multidisciplinary nature of the consortium, these training programs will involve academics, public health entities, SMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurs and business consultants. Workshops and symposiums will be held between all the groups involved in order to exchange results, knowledge and lessons learned.

The next steps are the definition of the different needs and challenges in the field of health and well-being, analyzing the main difficulties that the professionals involved are encountering in the development of new solutions. The results obtained from the interaction between the different groups involved will be evaluated, in order to assess solutions to optimize this collaboration for subsequent workshops and courses.

  • Advanced Training in Health Innovation Knowledge Alliance – ATHIKA
  • 601106-EPP-1-2018-1-ES-EPPKA2-KA
  • Període d’implementació: 2019-01-01 – 2021-12-31