Work begins on developing the mConnecta Mobility Platform

Author: Adrià G.Font   /  22 of July of 2019

The mConnecta project is the result of a joint request from the Deparatament de Salut [Catalan Ministry of Health] and CatSalut, asking the Fundació TIC Salut i Social to lay the groundwork for the digital transformation of healthcare in Catalonia.

The project, which aims to provide new resources for healthcare professionals in order to improve the service the public receives, is intended to foster public participation, generate knowledge and develop the mConnecta technology platform to gather data from different mobile sources. The latter include mobile apps, medical devices and sensors which provide data on an individual’s state of health, such as blood sugar levels, blood pressure, heartrate and so on.

In order to achieve this objective, the mConnecta platform will contain a catalogue of mobile tools related to health and wellbeing, which healthcare professionals can recommend to their patients. The Foundation’s mHealth office will ensure that mobile devices as a whole comply with all the necessary criteria regarding their clinical efficacy, usefulness, security, usability and technological compatibility.

The data collected by the mobile devices can be accessed by the public via the Meva Salut [My Health] portal and their healthcare professional via the mConnecta platform. It can also be added to the patient’s shared clinical file at the doctor’s discretion, thus providing useful, reliable data which can be consulted during any health care process in which such information is required.

A pilot study of the use of the mConnecta platform is due to start in December 2019. It will involve two healthcare processes which are currently being defined in conjunction with a group of experts from the Catalan healthcare system.

Funcionalitats mConnecta

Funcionalitats mConnecta