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VISIONS podcast

The COVID-19 pandemia has pushed companies to readapt oldafashioned labour dynamics and has boosted remote work modalities. As a digital transformation agents for the health and social care new opportunities are arising. The TIC Salut Social Foundation believes strongly that sharing knoledge and know-how enriches the path of common progress. We adapt the Visions campaign to a podcast format.   Visions does not disappear, this active listening is adapted to pandemia days. The society and the healthcare professionals have new needs and understanding their points of view will keep us in the track. Detecting new innovation opportunities to mantain public care services in permanent movement hasn't changed. Visions podcast is a regular content campaign in a radiostation format. More dynamic and agile to bring our stakeholders' voices to a common place to be. Visions podcast coming soon.
  • Conversations go on. Needs, opinions and points of view from citizens and healthcare professionals released in a new format.