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Training and awareness with immersive videos

Autor: Victor Barberà   /  12.02.2019

New synergies between healthcare providers and social welfare entities to generate audio-visual content in 360o to train professionals and to raise the public’s awareness. The Fundació TIC Salut Social is involved in a new project aimed at creating 360° immersive videos that can be reproduced on virtual reality devices or, in their absence, on audio-visual platforms which allow for interactive playback. The objective of this project is to improve the skills of professionals in the field of person-centred, health and social care, as well as providing information to the people and family members that benefit from the service. At the same time, it is also intended to be a source of teaching materials for students in these areas where, by exposing them to real use cases, they can make a first approach to protocols regarding how to act. Meanwhile, it also raises the public’s awareness, whether or not they are the beneficiaries of care services, both of the professions and of the everyday situations in which the sector works. These are often unknown to most people in society until they are directly concerned. So far we have signed collaboration agreements with two organizations: The Consell Comarcal del Vallès Oriental and the Hospital Foundation d’Olot i Comarcal de la Garrotxa. The foundation is working to create a committee of healthcare experts, responsible for validating documentation procedures, in such a way that the contents are reliable from a functional and operational point of view. In conjunction with the creation of the committee of experts, we’ve begun a phase to detect the first use cases related to home care by social workers with the Vallès Oriental County Council. A first pilot project was also carried out with the Fundació Hospital d’Olot i Comarcal de la Garrotxa, recording the provision of medication for oncological treatment to a patient using port-a-cath.
  • Noves sinergies entre entitats proveïdores de salut i benestar social per generar continguts audiovisuals en 360º destinats a formació de professionals i sensibilització ciutadana