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The TIC Salut Social foundation enhances AI in Catalonia through the INCISIVE European project

Autor: Carla Alvarez   /  07.05.2020

The increase of the availiability and amount of data and the development of new technological tools based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) offer some unprecedented opportunities for the improvement of the detection and classification of the cancer, optimisation of the images, cut of the radiation and the improvement of the clinical assistance. The TIC Salut Social foundation, as the AI Promotion and Development Programme in Public Healthcare System leader, coordinates the INCISIVE project Catalan scenarioa Catalunya, juntament amb l’IDIBAPS, el BSC i Medtronic.
The AI Promotion and Development Programme in Public Healthcare System has to guarantee the equity, openess and security of these techs to the system
The INCISIVE project pretén donar resposta a tres grans reptes a l'hora d’explorar el potencial de les solucions d’IA en imatge mèdica en oncologia:
  1. Medical imaging's AI challenge.
  2. Images's tags and notes.
  3. Availiabilty and data share.
INCISIVE will develop and check (1) an AI toolbox to improve accuracy, specificity, sensibility, interoperability and cost-effectiveness ofcancer imaging methods; (2) an automatic system of notifications based on ML to produce data for algorithms training and (3) to establish the bases for the creation of a paneuropean images' database enabling the donation and sharing of data. The TIC Salut Social will take part on the following work packages:
  • Definition of the user's requriements for system's design.
  • Development of the platform and integration of data sources. Leading the task of standardisation.
  • Development of the AI toolbox, models of training and user interaction and leading the interoperability tasks.
  • Definiton of tasks to create a paneuropean image's database.
  • Definition of tasks for deployment and sustainability.