The Office of the DPO imparts training on Data Protection Impact Assessments

Author: TIC Salut Social   /  9 of April of 2021

On 19 March 2021, the Office of the Healthcare DPO offered a training session on Data Protection Impact Assessments at the Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital.

The event was attended by Dr Itziar de Lecuona, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences – University of Barcelona (UB) and Deputy Director of the Bioethics and Law Observatory Research Centre (OBD), and by Mr Ricard Mas, industrial engineer and expert consultant in operations and digital transformation.

The seminar, aimed at members of the hospital’s Clinical Research Ethics Committee, presented the tool provided by the TIC Salut Social Foundation for data protection impact assessments (DPIA). The tool’s methodology was explained to resolve any doubts about its application.

The DPIA methodology establishes the procedures for including and carrying out impact assessments in research and innovation projects where necessary, in accordance with the obligations provided for in the current data protection regulations.

The Office of the Healthcare DPO will continue to offer new training sessions for the different ethics committees applied to research in order to offer this tool to the entire Health System and so that the new DPIA methodology can be integrated into all the different research projects.

  • Barcelona, 9 April 2021