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The Intersocial project is looking for volunteers to test the ViquiTermSocial tool

On Tuesday, 3 November, the TIC Salut Social Foundation organized a webinar on the progress of the Intersocial project to present the project’s tool for consulting the dictionary and web service, coinciding with the launch of the third phase. The session was attended by the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Families, represented by its Director General of Social Services, Ms Meritxell Benedí, who welcomed the attendees and explained the strategic context of the project. Also participating as a speaker was Ms Anna Rufí, an expert in the social field and current technical director of Social Services at the Osona County Council and collaborator in the social services department of the Ministry in the field of digital transformation. Representing the TIC Salut Social Foundation were Mr Carles Mateu, coordinator of the Office of Standards and Interoperability and Ms Lourdes Rodriguez, project manager for the social and health fields, who completed the set of speakers. Intersocial reaches phase three The webinar began with a presentation on the progress of the project explaining its three phases and the products that have been obtained. This was followed by a presentation of the tool that has been developed in the current phase (which began last September) the main objective of which, apart from continuing to codify and validate new concepts, is to ensure that existing ones are used by all the professionals in the social field and that they are integrated into the Catalan social services information systems. To facilitate this integration, the Foundation has created a web service that contains the following sections:
  • The first, describes and offers information on the InterSocial project.
  • The second is an area for downloading the updated concepts. The third phase of the project aims to make this environment the place to go to search for the project’s concepts which have been expanded through the work sessions involving the collaborating group of experts.
  • The third section is a search page where you can search for InterSocial concepts in a dynamic way, entering whole or partial keywords.
  • Finally, the last section is dedicated to ViquiTermSocial. This is a tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to facilitate the selection of concepts for encoding a text (an interview, a report). It is a tool that has not yet been trained so a large corpus of texts is needed to improve the model and generate accurate results. The webinar called upon all the professionals in the social field to collaborate in accessing the website and to test it by uploading texts of interviews or reports that they work on in their day to day.
If you are interested in participating as a volunteer in the ViquiTermSocial project please send an email to the following address and we will send you the collaboration questionnaire. Sign up to ViquiTermSocial, with just a little collaboration we can make a lot of progress!!! Intersocial The Intersocial is a project coordinated by the TIC Salut Social Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Families and with the expertise of various professionals from organizations in the field of health and social care such as the Barcelona Provincial Council, Barcelona City Council, the Ministry of Health and other departments and entities. Watch the full session (Catalan).