The 2nd edition of the Barcelona Clínic Summer School this July

Author: Adrià G.Font   /  12 of June of 2019

The Barcelona Clínic Summer School is the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona’s summer school. It runs ​​from 1-12 July. This year is its second edition. It is a space in which professionals from the Campus Clínic (Hospital Clínic-IDIBAPS) can share their knowledge with the public, with the slogan: Science and Culture. Collaborators include the Vila Casas Foundation.


The objective of the summer school is to discuss a range of topics with the scientific rigor which the Hospital Clínic is accustomed to using, but from a different angle, ground-breaking in some cases.


Some twenty topics will be discussed over 10 days, by more than 170 speakers


Here is the programme of activities for each day>


  • Day 1 Workshop 1 Digital Transformation (TXD): Clínic Health Tech. Presentation of trends in the digitalization sector. Success stories from several start-ups, in the afternoon will be making an elevator pitch in front of a table of experts and potential investors at the Royal Academy of Medicine
  • Day 1 Workshop 2 Technology, Humanization and Nursing Care. We will present some patient-monitoring apps, with all the improvements in efficiency, comfort and security which they bring.
  • Day 1 Workshop 3 Science and Culture. Round Table discussion on medicine and Art
  • Day 2 Workshop 4 Adherence to prescription medication
  • Day 2 Workshop 5 Legal aspects of research and innovation
  • Day 2 Workshop 6 Healthy Habits. A look at physical exercise, nutrition, allergies & so on
  • Day 3 Workshop 7 Emotional Ecology
  • Day 3 Workshop 8 Women’s Space (women at different ages / endometriosis / pelvic floor / breast examination workshops / cancer and diet / the menopause / sex workshops)
  • Day 4 Workshop 9 Children’s addiction to technology: use and abuse (primarily aimed at schools and the problem these addictions create in the classroom)
  • Day 4 Workshop 10 Right Care. Bringing more value to clinical practice
  • Day 4 Workshop 11 Transferring science to medical practice at the Clínic Barcelona: Deep-sea fishing, gizmos and other gadgets (face-to-face and streaming)
    • Artificial Intelligence in Imaging
    • From minimally-invasive surgery to intervention therapy: the thin red line (Dr Chamorro / Dr Lacy / Dr Gratacós / Dr Alacraz)
    • Synthetic biology: novel cutting-edge approaches (Dr Prat / Dr Elias Campo)
    • Real World Data Biomedical Research (Dr Pastor / Dr Dipak Kalra)
    • From pre-womb to tomb: early origins of chronic adult diseases (Dr Agustí)
  • Day 8 Workshop 12 Infections in primary care
  • Day 8 Workshop 13 Stigma and illness: fighting against stigma in the field of health
  • Day 9 Workshop 14 Patient experiences in the real world
  • Day 9 Workshop 15 Headache: what a pain
  • Day 10 Workshop 16 Culinary medicine: Culinary skills to improve our patients’ health and quality of life (With the Alicia Foundation)
  • Day 10 Workshop 17 Journalism and Health (with the participation of the public relations officers from all of Barcelona’s hospitals)
  • Day 11 Workshop 18 Health and Women
  • Day 12 Workshop 19 Arts & Health (how art can be used therapeutically to help deal with anxiety and stress)

More information about the speakers, the program and how to sign up for a workshop can be found at:


  • For 10 days, some twenty topics will be discussed by over 170 speakers