Do you have a Health App? Consult the good practices guide for developing digital assets for citizens

The TIC Salut Social Foundation has prepared, commissioned by the Citizenship and Innovation and User Area of ​​the Catalan Health Service, the Guide to good practices for developing digital assets for citizens. The document includes the most relevant aspects so that a digital asset or service can be accessible from La Meva Salut, and is applicable to all digital health and well-being products and services intended for the Comprehensive Health System for Public Use of Catalonia (SISCAT).

Digital assets refer to any digital solution that facilitates the practice of person-centred health and social well-being activities, and is accessible through a website, mobile application or other user interfaces. The document distinguishes between digital solutions and digital services. On the one hand, digital solutions refer to a web or mobile application with universal access and are intended to provide a set of services. And on the other hand, digital services refer to a digital element or provision designed to fully or partially cover a need, and are developed through the functionalities of a digital solution.

All in all, the objective of the guide is to accompany providers in the SISCAT environment in the development of digital health and well-being solutions and services that are of quality, effective, reliable, usable, safe, and that guarantee people’s rights. that they are going to use them.

Functional and technical aspects of health and well-being Apps

The guide addresses the functional and technical aspects that health and wellness digital assets must follow. Firstly, it presents European efforts for the certification of digital assets, such as the standard certification based on the CEN ISO/TS 82304-2 technical specifications.

Next, it focuses on the most functional part of the asset, in which it is essential that the specifications, instructions or information related to the purpose of the asset be detailed, and whether or not it is considered a medical device. Also linked to the next chapter, the document highlights the need to ensure the quality of the content, promoting the participation of experts and scientific evidence, and respecting the basic principles of ethics and safety, among others.

Regarding the more technical part, the guide lists the specific health requirements established by the Department of Health of the Generalitat of Catalonia for SISCAT digital assets, taking into account accessibility, usability and user experience, the presence brand, language and communication. It also includes a more regulatory chapter dedicated to data security and privacy, and another on the technical requirements to ensure the proper functioning of the application during its use.

Finally, the document explains that the Department of Health has the objective of converting the ‘Other services’ section of La Meva Salut into the space to access all selected digital assets from a single point, in order to obtain an ecosystem vision of SISCAT digital assets and facilitate the use of digital services to citizens. Likewise, it will allow the collection of data through the mConnecta platform, which will become another piece of the Electronic Health Record (HES).

Presentation of the guide

For more information, on July 3, the guide and the SISCAT Digital Assets Radar will be presented in a session open to professionals, which can be followed online and in person from Barcelona. Registration is free and prior registration is required at this link.

  • The TIC Salut Social Foundation has developed a guide applicable to all digital health and well-being products and services aimed at SISCAT providers.