Presentation of the report on artificial intelligence and ethics

Author: TIC Salut Social   /  27 of October of 2021

At the end of September, the Report on AI and Ethics was presented in a conference which discussed the literature and the opinions of expert voices.

The report has been prepared within the framework of the Catalonia.AI strategy of the Government of Catalonia and analyses the ethical considerations and social impact of artificial intelligence through the opinions of professionals in the Catalan ecosystem.

The first part reviews more than 130 publications –academic and scientific papers, technical and research reports from government agencies, companies and associations, as well as newspaper articles. The second part deals with the impact of AI from academia, public administration and the general public, through to industry. A total of 23 interviews with experts from different disciplines provide reflections on the current implementation of AI systems taking into account ethical, social and legal aspects.

Greater knowledge and trustworthiness

The Director General of Innovation and the Digital Economy of the Government of Catalonia, Daniel Marco, emphasized in the presentation of the report the importance of this study both to acquire greater knowledge about the development and deployment of AI, and to help follow the Artificial Intelligence Strategy, promoted by the Government of Catalonia. The report presents the challenges and opportunities that need to be addressed so that AI can be considered trustworthy by society as a whole”, said Marco.

For his part, the director of the OEIAC, Albert Sabater, stressed that “this document offers a snapshot of the current ethical considerations that are being debated and implemented at the international level”. A relevant aspect from this snapshot is “the need for better understanding and technical and humanistic training regarding the changes that AI implies for our day-to-day lives”, concluded Sabater.

See the report at this link.

The Catalan Health System’s Programme for the promotion and development of AI in the Catalan Health System (Health/AI) aims to promote a sustainable, inclusive, safe and fair development of this technology. Applied to health, AI can support decision-making in the treatment and prevention of diseases, as well as the prediction and achievement of more accurate diagnoses. For more information, go to the website.