Common concerns for European digital health ecosystems in the development of AI

To promote the vast potential and importance of AI solutions in healthcare, a round table on The role of AI innovation in strengthening European digital healthcare was held in Zagreb, Croatia on 15 October 2021. The main discussion topics included existing problems in EU healthcare, potential of new technologies in decreasing the healthcare burdens, as well as possibilities to strengthen the AI infrastructure in Croatia and the EU.

In a context of creating networks and exploring new synergies, there are common concerns around ensuring comprehensive support for our future users of health services; the development and testing of innovative AI-based health solutions; and cooperation between stakeholders from the entire healthcare value chain. Being able to define and design future services for users, tailored to their needs, requires a test before invest task in order to receive support for research with investments in the innovation ecosystem, as well as improving digital skills with training.

There is also a permanent debate on the ethical and social aspects of the introduction of AI in digital healthcare and there are many stakeholders involved, not only the public sector but also the industrial fabric and civil society.