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OFSTI releases a quick guide to the HL7 tool for validating FHIR resources

Autor: David Rodriguez   /  09.11.2019

The Oficina d’Estàndards i Interoperabilitat [Office of Standards and Interoperability] (OFSTI) has released a quick guide to the FHIR Validator tool and the validation of FHIR resources.   The FHIR Validator is a free tool provided by HL7 which allows FHIR resources to be validated. A FHIR defines a set of resources which represent granular clinical concepts in the field of healthcare, such as a patient, a medication or a device. In documentation regarding the HL7 standard, FHIR specifies the structure and information contained in each of the FHIR resources.   The tool also makes it possible to validate resources using different versions of the FHIR standard, as well as the latest one, as well as other more advanced features such as validating a resource against an implementation guide, transforming resources from one FHIR version to another, and verifying local extensions of resources.   The OFSTI guide, in addition to providing various examples of how the tool can be used, also specifies what validating a FHIR resource means. In other words; what are the characteristics which a FHIR resource must fulfil in order to be considered valid.   The guide can be downloaded, in Catalan, here.