New working group for the use of drones in the field of health

The TIC Salut Social Foundation is a member of a new working group recently set up to analyse the use of drones in the field of health in Catalonia. Its aim is identify the requirements for implementing solutions that use this technology, describe possible use cases, and create specific projects that provide a benefit to citizens and the health system.  

Drones are unmanned aircraft, usually small in size, that can be remote-controlled or programmed to fly autonomously. In the field of health, the use of drones is at its very beginnings. However, initiatives and pilot tests are emerging to improve the accessibility and efficiency of medical care. For example, they make it easier to deliver medical supplies and medicines, transport laboratory samples for analysis, and provide support for emergency medical services.

The working group is made up of representatives of the Departmental Committee for Innovation and Transformation of the Health System at the Department of Health, the Health and Social Consortium of Catalonia, the Catalan Union of Hospitals, organisations in the Catalan Health System (SISCAT), tech companies and the ICT Salut Social Foundation. 

Núria Abdón, the person responsible for the Non-Face-to-Face Care Area at the TIC Salut Social Foundation, explains that they have established four phases of work: “We will analyse and spread knowledge of the use of drones in SISCAT, we will identify the requirements for the regulatory and technological framework, we will define use cases applicable to health and, finally, we will promote projects to implement this technology.” 

  • The TIC Salut Social Foundation is one of the organisations that is part of the working group.