The DPO Office at the TIC Salut Social Foundation carries out 601 actions in 2021

The TIC Salut Social Foundation is entrusted with the role of Data Protection Officer (DPO) for the Catalan Health System, as well as public health sector organisations that have joined. 

To carry out its DPO functions, the TIC Salut Social Foundation has created the Office of the Data Protection Officer —DPO Office— which coordinates and manages the various actions as Health DPO. 

This report sets out the actions carried out by the DPO Office team as officers in the field of health data protection, and the member organisations’ level of compliance in 2021. 

Main milestones in 2021 

This figure includes 70% of the research bodies in the public health system.  

Regarding the actions carried out in 2021, the information on the web portal has been expanded. The number of procedures conducted has also increased, reaching 601 actions, mainly legal reports on complex issues of various natures in the field of data protection. 

Moreover, more than 400 professionals were trained through the virtual classroom with the virtual data protection training course created by the office. This course is made up of four different modules depending on the objectives and the target audience. In 2021, the DPO Office created three editions of the basic module; three editions of the rights and guarantees systems module; an edition of the duties, obligations and principles module; and an edition of the data used for research module. At the same time, five technical awareness sessions were offered to member organisations. 

Lastly, guides and support tools were developed, such as the Data Protection Impact Assessments platform.  

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  • Last year, five new organisations joined the DPO Office, so there are now 37 member institutions, 15% more than the previous year