Your health card on your mobile phone

Citizens of Catalonia can now have their personal health card (TSI) available on their mobile phone to identify themselves digitally at pharmacies, and progressively at the various health centres. This is the first card included in ‘My Wallet’ , a government-created digital wallet or purse that will allow you to have all the cards, certificates and permits issued by the Catalan Government in digital format and in a single place on your mobile phone.

The Digital Policies department has developed it through the General Directorate of Digital Services and Citizen Experience, focusing on usability to aid access to digital cards, and on security to ensure a good experience for citizens when they access it.

Steps to follow to have ‘My Wallet’ on your mobile phone:

  • Create a direct access in the form of an icon on the phone’s home screen (so it will work like an app without the need to use app stores).
  • Once inside the application, you must accept the processing of your personal data.
  • Then, to identify yourself, you must use a digital certificate: idCAT Mòbil or another compatible system.
  • Once you have identified yourself, the available cards will be downloaded and ready to use.

The application offers the option of using a mobile protection system (PIN, Face ID, etc.) to avoid having to identify yourself every time you access it.

Personal health card in the La Meva Salut app

The digital personal health card can also be viewed through La Meva Salut, in the user’s personal data section, or through the “Digital Health Card” button on the home screen.

‘My Wallet’ was presented at an event led by the Vice-President of the Catalan Government and Minister of Digital Policies and Territory, Jordi Puigneró , accompanied by the Minister of Health, Josep M. Argimon.

Original source and more information: Digital Policies

  • The digital personal health card can also be viewed through La Meva Salut