The 2021 report of the TIC Salut Social Foundation is now available 

The TIC Salut Social Foundation’s mission is to support the transformation of healthcare services through technology. To carry out its work, it has a team of 37 people (20 women and 17 men) who work in areas such as the Office of the Data Protection Officer, digital skills, mHealth, the promotion and development of Artificial Intelligence, and interoperability.  

The office has published the activity report for 2021, which includes the main milestones and indicators for the year.  

Six new mobile apps reviewed 

In 2021, the mHealth area, which deals with mobile application certification, reviewed a total of 6 apps. Three of these are for monitoring diabetes, 1 is in the field of oncology, 1 is for processing genomic tests, and 1 is for telehealth and telemonitoring of patients.  

A remote care project was started to define a model adapted to the situation of each centre in Central Catalonia in collaboration with the Health Region and its four hospital centres (Salut Catalunya Central-Hospital de Berga, Hospital Universitari de Vic-Consorci Hospitalari de Vic, Althaia-Xarxa Assistencial Universitària de Manresa, and Consorci Sanitari de l’Anoia-Hospital d’Igualada). 

Moreover, regarding the promotion and development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Catalan Health System, the portal was launched to publicise the AI in Health strategy. In the field of interoperability, the foundation supported the Department of Health, the eHealth Office and care centres in the adoption of standards. For example, recommendations and technical support were provided to SISCAT’s Information Systems.  

Report on the state of digitalisation of the basic social service areas 

Last year the foundation also produced a report to analyse the state of information technology and digital identity, digital channels for relating with citizens, and the degree of technological innovation and integration of new skills in work teams. 

The Office of the Data Protection Officer carried out 601 procedures, published 7 reports, and held 11 information sessions and seminars.  

12 activity reports and 1 scientific article 

The 2021 report also includes the 12 reports produced, as well as the scientific article that was published. And it also includes the projects that the foundation carried out or participated in, explaining what they consist of or their objectives.  

Lastly, the publication includes the communication indicators, in which the more than 100,000 visits to the website and a social network community exceeding 16,000 users stand out; as well as financial information in the form of the balance sheet and the income and expenses account.