InterSocial expands the Social Terminology Dictionary with the incorporation of new concepts

Last May, the InterSocial project expanded the concepts of the information systems of the Social Services of Catalonia. In this way, the social terminological dictionary grows from 251 coded concepts to 372. These new concepts correspond to the area of sexist violence.

The TIC Salut Social Foundation, in collaboration with the Department of Social Rights, participates in this project since 2016. The scope of the project is to create and progressively expand a terminology that enables standardizing situations, factors, and observations focused on social care.

By mixing these common controlled vocabularies, it is intended to provide an improvement in the integration of data from the social services of Catalonia. This will help to facilitate the work carried out by social workers. In the same way, it enhances effective interoperability between the different information systems of the Social Services of Catalonia.

All these new definitions complementing the terminological dictionary also enable a more complete view of the different situations that require priority attention by the citizens. This allows defining a service that is more adjusted to the specific needs of each person.

Additionally, the coded concepts are also integrated within international standards such as SNOMED CT. Thus being intended to interoperate among the various information systems. Health, Education, and Justice are some examples.

InterSocial also counts on the expertise of various professionals from organizations within the health and social sectors, and of the future Catalan Agency for Integrated Care.

We are currently working on the distribution format of the dictionary; it will soon be available through the Foundation’s website.

  • The social terminological dictionary goes from having 251 codified concepts to having 372.