Map of Trends' 2021 survey on Social ICTs is back on track

Author: Lourdes Rodríguez   /  16 of September of 2021

The Direcció General de Serveis Socials [Social Services General Directorate] and the TIC Salut Social Foundation have already launched the fourth edition of the MAp of Trends annual survey for social care services.

In order to provide continuity to the research, we created a new questionnaire with the aim of expanding information on digitizalization levels, the relationship with citizenship and technological innovation throughout the Sistema de Serveis Socials de Catalunya [Catalan System of Social Services].

This year’s survey presents an agile and short format to facilitate the level of response to all professionals at the Àrees Bàsiques de Serveis Socials [Basic Social Care Services Centers].

The Departament de Drets Socials [Social Rights Ministry] és l’encarregat de distribuir l’enquesta entre els responsables de les Àrees Bàsiques de Serveis Socials.

The deadline is one month from now. Data analysis will then be carried out to sum it up in a report with the most relevant results of this 2021.

You can view the last report through the following link from:

  • 2020 Map of Trends report Informe Mapa de Tendències 2020: Basic Social Care Services Centers (Catalan version).

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