The master's degree in eHealth from La Salle starts engines for a new edition

The TIC Salut Social Foundation maintains its collaboration agreement with La Salle University with the aim of continuing to promote training in new technologies in the field of healthcare as a supporting strategy for the management of healthcare services, the foundation grants two annual scholarships worth 50%. One for the face-to-face format and the other for the online format. In this way, we want to facilitate the participation of health professionals who wish to complete the Master’s in eHEALTH: Information Technologies and Health Management.

The Grant:

  • Endowment: 50% of the face-to-face registration fee and 50% of the online registration fee for the Master’s in e-Health: Information Technologies and Health Management.
  • Periodicity: Annual.
  • Applicants: Residents of Catalonia.
  • Deadline to apply for one of the three grants: 17 June 2023.

Terms and conditions:

First. Aim and purpose:

To award a promising student, with links to the sector and with professional goals relating to innovation in the field of digital healthcare.

Second. Who can apply?

Individuals over the age of 18 who are enrolled in the e-Health master’s degree, excluding legal entities.

Third. Minimum requirements:

The following will be taken into consideration:

  • Having a professional career through which the applicant can demonstrate that the subjects taught in the master’s degree are directly related to their position and the professional career path included in their curriculum vitae.
  • Interest in learning or furthering one’s knowledge of healthcare technologies and healthcare management. As well as the applicability, use and impact that the ICTs will have on their professional future and specifically in their place of work.
  • Having the support of a mentor from the health and/or technology sector.
  • If the student has no professional experience and less than three years have passed since completing their university degree, the student’s final degree mark will be taken into account.

The application must include:

In order to be eligible for the TIC Salut Social Grant, the candidate must already be accepted to the Master’s Degree in eHealth. To this end, applicants must formalise the online admissions process.

Fourth. Incompatibilities:

Candidates must state whether they are receiving funding from other entities. Total transparency is required with regard to public or private funding.

Fifth. Categories of participation:

The jury will award one grant or prize for 50% of the enrollment fee for in-person format and two grants or prizes for 25% of the enrollment fee for the online edition.

Sixth. Presentation of Applications. Deadline for the presentation of applications:

An application form will be made available on the website. All participants must present the application documents in the appropriate format. This documentation should be sent to Masters admissions to

Each person or applicant can only submit a single application for this call.

Seventh. Criteria for assessing applications:

Once the deadline for the submission of applications has expired, all the proposals sent will be evaluated in order to determine their quality, taking into account the above evaluation criteria.

If necessary, the jury may consider holding a personal interview with the finalists.

Eighth. Criteria:

The Organising Committee, made up of members of the TIC Salut Social Foundation, will be in charge of handling this whole call for applications process.

The Organising Committee of the grant reserves the right to apply any change to these rules that may help to improve the achievement of the objectives of this programme.

The Organising Committee of the grant reserves the right to modify, extend, reduce, suspend or cancel this call for applications without prior notice for any reason not attributable to the organisation, especially in case of force majeure.

The Organising Committee of the grant reserves the right to annul or cancel all or part of the competition if it detects a breach or non-compliance with its rules. In such a case, it reserves the right not to award the grant to participants who do not comply with the current legal framework. A fraudulent action will immediately disqualify the person who commits it.

The Organising Committee of the grant will evaluate and deal with any unforeseen circumstances that may arise and that have not been anticipated in these terms and conditions.

Ninth. The jury and its members:

The jury will be made up of members associated with the TIC Salut Social Foundation and/or La Salle University, in addition to other experts who may be appointed according to the type of proposal.

For further information, please contact: Núria Garcia Alvero.

  • The Master's in eHealth on Information Technology and Health Management celebrates its 10th face-to-face edition and 8th online respectively this year.